Hi all. I've chosen this months forum topic to be asking for and offering feedback to HO workers. This is quite relevant for my work at the moment and I'm really interested to hear now others a) ask for feedback on their work and b) offer feedback to HO workers. I am at the point where I feel that my relationship with the HO worker can really impact on the quality of my work and therefore outcomes with the groups. 

Asking for feedback:

I think I used to avoid it at all costs because it was just too uncomfortable to receive feedback - so only received feedback if workers offered it to me. As I've tried to embrace more of a strengths based approach in my work I've experimented with asking for feedback. I am most comfortable with asking a generalised question- ie. how do you feel the group is going? But find I don't get useful feedback. I have experimented with offering my vulnerability up and naming my struggles - but either get advice (which makes me feel inadequate!!), or general compliments - and this was still leaving me unsatisfied in terms of useful feedback. So, I'm now experimenting with identifying something specific I'd like feedback on. 

Eg.  "I've noticed that Alicia takes a back seat in sessions while her daughter explores the room - so today I was experimenting with different ways of engaging her. Do you think I'm on the right track or is there something I'm missing?"

My hope is that it could open up a more focused discussion with HO workers, while also giving me the opportunity to share my professional intentions and reasoning. I hope then also to make more opportunity on getting to know the HO workers strengths and their approach with families. 

What does everyone else do? Is this new territory for you or have you found something that really works?


Giving feedback to HO worker:

I won't go into too much detail with this one since I have already written so much. I'm curious how everyone passes feedback on to their HO workers. Particularly when you might like them to do something differently. I'm actually hoping that my new approach to asking for feedback could open up the lines for giving feedback to them. Thoughts?

Thank you. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!