Hi everyone, I have decided to change the topic for my forum topic this time around. As I mentioned at the training day, I am interested to learn how everybody uses the KPM cards in a practical sense. I guess this is a basic, logistical type of thing but it's something I've found difficult. I'm not referring to the words we use when discussing the KPMs (but feel free to discuss this too) but more about the when and how.  

Personally, I have tried a few different methods:

1.     Hand one out every couple of weeks,

2.     I can give them out all at once, explain the cards in one session, and continue referring to them throughout the term

3.     I can give them out all at once, but choose one to discuss every couple of weeks.

The issues I have are:

1.     I found I had a heap of incomplete sets of cards left over at the end of the term. Yes, I could give those to the HO to give to the families but without some context it could be pointless and I couldn't rely on the HO giving them out in all instances.

2.     This makes one particular session have a potentially long discussion time, if any family is away that week you'd still have to spend some time explaining them at some stage.

3.     This has worked ok so far.

Let's hear from all of you and what methods have or haven't worked for you.