Sing&Grow Services

This page outlines the breadth of Sing&Grow services and models. Please note that not all services are available in all locations and some may only be available through a brokering system. To learn more about the services available in your specific region please contact us

Sing&Grow Group Programs

Group Programs are held in accessible venues in collaboration with community organisations. Up to 10 referred families attend one hour weekly sessions (generally over 8 weeks), participating in hands-on music activities that assist children with developmental skills and extend the repertory of parenting skills in relating to children through interactive play. Known song material, original compositions, singing, movement to music, relaxation and instrumental play are all incorporated into an established session plan, and a resource CD and booklet is made available to each family and the host organisation, further supporting families’ capacity to use the musical activities at home.  

Sing&Grow Off to School

Off to School draws from the inherent qualities of music for addressing all aspects of child development and develops skills in parents to recognise their role in supporting their child through a positive transition to school the following year. Sing&Grow Off to School Programs are held in accessible venues, often primary schools, and may be in collaboration with a community organisation, school or both. Up to 10 families with a child transitioning to school the following year attend one hour weekly sessions (generally over 8 weeks), with each session focused on a different aspect of the transition to school. Musical activities utilised in the same way detailed for Group Programs.

Sing&Grow Family Workshops

Sing&Grow offers one-off, 1 hour workshops for families.  Workshops incorporate information and idea sharing into experiential musical examples and aim to build capacity and confidence in adults to use music in their daily interactions with children. Each workshop is based on 3 parenting resource cards, which the Host Organisation selects from our range of 12 cards. Workshops can also be offered in a 3 session format to facilitate more in depth learning for parents.

Sing&Grow Home Visits

Home Visits involve a Sing&Grow Music Therapist (S&GMT) visiting a client in their home with their Case Worker. The S&GMT brings their guitar and a handful of small instruments, and facilitates shared experiences to celebrate what parents are doing well, as well as provides small challenges within a safe space to spark reflective conversations about other ways of nurturing.

Home Visits can:

  • engage ‘hard-to-reach’ families
  • lead to participation in group activities once trust has been built
  • build on a family’s particular strengths while developing new areas of parenting
  • give the family’s Case Worker the chance to see them interact in a different context
  • reinforce messages that the Case Worker has been working on with the family

A range of Home Visiting Packages and associated costs are detailed on the Home Visit Info sheet. 

Sing&Grow Community Events & Engagement Sessions

Sing&Grow can provide music therapy activities as part of a community-focused event for families with children aged 0-5 years. This service is provided on a per hour basis, and usually involves a Sing&Grow Music Therapist setting up a small area with a mat, Sing&Grow banner and a few small percussion instruments. Depending on the needs at the event, small sessions can be run at determined intervals, or it can be in a ‘drop-in’ style where families can join in the fun as they wish.

In collaboration with a host organisation, Sing&Grow can also assist in the initial engagement of traditionally ‘hard-to-reach’ families by making Sing&Grow services available to them in familiar spaces such as parks and shopping centres. This service is provided on a per hour basis, and usually involves a Sing&Grow Music Therapist setting up a small area with a mat, Sing&Grow banner and a few small percussion instruments.

Sing&Grow Models

Sing&Grow Select Services

A Host Organisation can design a specific package of services from those listed above to best meet the needs of their community. The manager for your state will be able to advise you on some effective combinations of services including:

Home Visits with a number of families → Group Program or Workshop

A Community Space Engagement Session → Home Visits with the new families→ Workshop

Sing&Grow Community Partnership

A Sing&Grow Community Partnership enables the delivery of intensive music therapy interventions to targeted families. Based within accessible community venues, a Sing&Grow Music Therapist collaborates with existing family-focused agencies to provide music therapy services designed to better engage families who, for a range of reasons, may otherwise not participate in community programs.  Deliverables can be predetermined in an agreed workplan, or can be flexible to be responsive to the needs of the community as they are identified.

The Sing&Grow Music Therapist is committed to the community partnership for several hours a week over a minimum of 6 months allowing for the delivery of a greater range of services in one community that enable rapport and capacity building, along with the transition of families into other community services.  The Sing&Grow Community Partnership model supports the concept of integrated service-delivery and requires committed support and collaboration from organisations already engaged with young families in the relevant community.

Click here to see our current research on Community Partnerships (previously 'Placements').

Sing&Grow Facility-Based Partnership

A Sing&Grow Facility-Based Partnership enables the delivery of intensive music therapy interventions that specifically cater for parents and children with complex needs in facilities including early parenting centres, early intervention centres and Mother-Baby Mental Health units.  Sing&Grow works to complement existing parenting interventions offered within the relevant facility and implements both group and individual family music therapy services that address a range of early childhood and parenting issues. 

Sing&Grow also works closely with staff on-site to promote the use of music within all interventions and services offered within the facility.  Regular professional development opportunities are offered to up-skill staff on the use of music to effectively engage families and to complement non-musical practices.