Collaborations: Sing&Grow and Cradle to Kinder (QEC)

Sing&Grow is excited to have recently expanded its existing collaboration with the Queen Elizabeth Centre (QEC) in Victoria to include the provision of music therapy services within the organisation’s Cradle to Kinder (C2K) program.  Introduced as a pilot program in July 2014, this one day a week Sing&Grow outreach position works closely with the highly skilled C2K team to deliver intensive music therapy sessions to the young parents and children accessing this vital service. As an integrated component of the established team, the Sing&Grow Music Therapist receives referrals from C2K staff and reports family progress back to the team to assist with case management.

Whilst still in its infancy, the Sing&Grow Music Therapy program is already establishing a set pattern of services within C2K including home visits, family access visits at child protection sites and small group work within the program’s supported playgroup.  Sessions are tailored to address each family’s specific needs and draw from the non-threatening capacity of music to engage families in a much needed therapeutic intervention. Common objectives in sessions include the addressing of developmental delays, trauma, attachment and bonding, as well as development of parental responsiveness to child cues and behaviour with the aim of supporting parents to develop meaningful play interactions during access visits. The long term nature of this weekly position allows the Sing&Grow Music Therapist to establish strong relationships with the families, working closely with them across a number of sessions over an extended period of time.  Specifically designed resources encourage and support parents to continue making meaningful change outside the therapeutic sessions and already, small but significant outcomes have been observed for some of the children participating including more smiles and relaxed presentation, new words and fine motor development through action songs. C2K staff have reported that families are enjoying sessions and enthusiastically telling them all about “music”. The Queen Elizabeth Centre is currently sourcing funding to continue the program in 2015, whilst Sing&Grow is working to secure funding to conduct a thorough evaluation of this cutting edge music therapy service.  For more information about Sing&Grow’s Facility-Based Placements, please contact us.