Sing&Grow Facility Based Services: QEC Feedback

Sing&Grow Facility-Based Placements enable the delivery of intensive music therapy interventions that specifically cater for parents and children with complex needs in facilities including Early Parenting Centres, Early Intervention Centres and Mother-Baby Mental Health units.  Sing&Grow works to complement existing parenting interventions offered within the relevant facility and implements both group and individual family music therapy services that address a range of early childhood and parenting matters. 

Sing&Grow also works closely with staff on-site to promote the use of music within all interventions and services offered within the facility.  Regular professional development opportunities are offered to up-skill staff on the use of music to effectively engage families and to complement non-musical practices. 

An example of our facility-based work can be seen in the Residential Stay Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Early Parenting Centre (QEC) in Victoria, where Sing&Grow has been providing services for both 5 day residential and 10 day PASDS families since 2009.  From February 2013 – January 2014, a total of 954 people were seen during Sing&Grow music therapy sessions offered at QEC, including parents, children, other family members and friends of QEC clients.  Participants represented a total of 400 families.

Parents were invited during this time to participate in an evaluation of the program, and the following charts present a summary of the positive findings from those that contributed:


Parents also shared specific feedback on what they had learnt from the service, noting:

It was a “…reminder of positive effect on me & child, how much fun simple songs can be, how to keep him interested with actions and instruments - how important repetition is.”

“I learnt the value of music in diverting children towards a more positive activity etc.”

“I learnt that it can be a great distraction when I'm unsure on what to do at home with my daughter. She will enjoy music and instruments with me.”

“I learnt that you can still sing songs to babies as young as mine and it's important to do at his age for learning”

Perspectives from QEC staff on the inclusion of Sing&Grow music therapy services within the Residential Unit demonstrate the value they place in the program:

“I most enjoy the shared knowledge that a partnership with a highly experienced music therapist provides…the fun aspect that S&G brings to our service” (Residential Manager)

“It offers families a means of enhancing attachment and bonding” (Team Leader)

“S&G music therapy offers families a safe place” (Early Parenting Practitioner)

“ S&G music therapy aligns with many aspects of our framework, namely in relation to family partnership and the building of relationships” (Residential Manager)

“It supports the work we are already doing by developing techniques in play. It is fun – many of the families here don’t know how to have fun” (PASDS Coordinator)

“I feel it is a main program at QEC that is greatly needed…we have families that learn to sing to their child that would never have done that without S&G Music Therapy” (Early Parenting Practitioner)

 To learn more about options for including Sing&Grow Music Therapy within your repertoire of services, please contact your Sing&Grow State Manager.